Filter & Selection

There are various metrics to sort and filter our proxy database for best results, here are all metrics explained in detail:

Location The location selection lets you filter the database by country, region and city.
Speed Speed throughput of all proxies is checked hourly and divided in 10 groups from (Excellent) to (Very Bad).
Connectivity (Con) Besides the speed-test, we resolve and transfer data from multiple known domains to test if they get blocked by the proxy or rejected by the destination. means all domains were available, down to where only some domains could be reached.
Type The proxy types are HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5. Check the section Proxy Types for more information on their differences and consequences on anonymity and proxy detection.
Anonymity Elite and Anonymous proxies are listed as in the Anon column, whereas Transparent proxies are not fully anonymous, listed . Use our IP Check to test a connection for IP leaks.
Proxy Detected (PD) We have two different checks to determine if a proxy can be identified as a proxy by the servers you are connecting to. Proxy Detection via Database checks the IP address against known proxy ip ranges. Proxy Detection via Connection checks the headers of a connection (only Elite proxies undetected). A proxy needs to pass both checks to be listed as , moving the mouse over shows the results of both checks.
Blacklisted (BL) Proxies are checked against the 72 most common blacklist providers, check out IP Check to view them or to test any IP.